Urgent Consults
  • Urgent Consults

Urgent Consults


Live Online Eye Care Consult: $36.00 (during office hours)

Live Online Eye Care Consult: $56.00 (after hours/holidays)

To allow our patients to access care in the safest manner possible we are now offering live online consultation services with our optometrists. This service is to be used for urgent eye care matters only. You may access this service if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Sudden change of vision
  • Red or painful eye due to injury
  • Red or painful eye with a history of recent eye surgery
  • Pain, redness and or discharge in the eyes or surrounding areas (eyelids, brow areas)
  • Sudden onset of light flashes or floaters

To book your routine annual eye exam, click here to access our online scheduler.

Urgent Consults: Live Online Eye Care Consult: $36.00 (during office hours)
Existing Patient: Yes - Cochrane Office