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Calmo Lid Care


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Calmo Lid Care

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CALMO® Lid Care

Liposomal suspension for the daily care and hygiene of the lashes and eyelids

  • Soap free, fragrance free and paraben free
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Ideal for removing ocular debris and makeup

Protects against excessive tear evaporation

CALMO® Lid Care is soap free, which reduces the risk of destroying the lipid layer of our tear film.

For some people (e.g.: blepharitis patients), dry eye and eyelid hygiene are a daily concern. Protecting the tear film can be crucial for managing the delicate balance of our ocular health.

Who can benefit from CALMO® Lid Care?

Regular eyelash, eyelid and eyelid margin hygiene can be important for patients with blepharitis, ocular rosacea, conjunctivitis and dry eye.

Makeup removal for dry eye patients

Soap-free makeup removal can be specially important for dry eye patients, because their tear films may already be affected. Exposing an already unstable tear film to soaps may worsen dry eye symptoms.

Can be used up to 4 weeks after first use

Data sheet

70 ml bottle
Can be used up to 4 weeks after first use