Proclear 1-Month 6 Pack
  • Proclear 1-Month 6 Pack

Proclear 1-Month 6 Pack


($48.50 per box)

Proclear 1-Month 6 Pack

Quantity: 4 boxes - Year Supply
Existing Patient: Yes - Cochrane Office

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 4.

Proclear® lenses offer a level of true all-day-comfort. Made with our advanced PC Technology™, the phosphorylcholine (PC) molecules attract and bind water to the surface, creating a shield that keeps the lenses clean and functioning properly. The PC molecules also help the lenses remain hydrated, which in turn, help them feel moist and comfortable all day long.

PC technology™ Creates a lens material that contains phosphoryl choline (PC) molecules, which bind with water molecules in natural tears to form a protective “shield” of water around the lens.

Data sheet

Wearing Pattern
Single Vision
Pack Size
6 lenses